Collection: Dry Foods & Coffee

Get essential dry foods & coffee delivered with your FruutBox.

We've teamed up with Replenish zero waste store (@replenishzerowaste) and Rising Ground coffee roasters (@risinggroundco) in Wadebridge to help keep our customers stocked up with more plastic free goodness in the form of essential dry foods and great tasting coffee. 

14 products
  • Replenish Dry Goods Box
  • Replenish Baking Box
  • Replenish Gluten Free Box
  • Rising Ground Coffee - Foundry Blend
  • Rising Ground Coffee - Kraken AF
  • Rising Ground Coffee - Decaf
  • Replenish Plain Flour 1kg
  • Replenish White Pasta 500g
  • Replenish Basmati Rice 500g
  • Replenish Wholewheat Pasta 500g
  • Replenish Gluten Free Pasta 500g
  • Replenish Raisins 500g
  • Replenish Strong White Bread Flour 1kg
  • Replenish Wheat Noodle Nests